About Us


Patient Advocate Foundation is excited to share information about our organization, past and present. As evidenced by frequent praise and recognition and top rated evaluations by independent sources, we are committed to excellence throughout all divisions of Patient Advocate Foundation. 

We are pleased to report on the strong performance of our team, the organization’s financial health, our inception and 17 year history, and share information on our Board and Leadership. 

In addition, PAF is frequently sought out for participation in current news discussions and human-interest pieces that bring awareness of the journey that many Americans deal with today within the medical world. 

Within this section you will find the following


PAF Board of Directors

The Patient Advocate Foundation Board is comprised of a network of research and community oncologists, attorneys, legislators, healthcare industry representatives, and case managers committed to the goal of offering support to patients.

PAF Leadership

Without the strong leadership within our operating structure, including our board of directors, current management, and honorary and advisory positions, our organization would not be the leading force that it is today.

financial information and annual reports

Released every spring, this comprehensive annual guide provides in depth analysis and demographics of the patients served by the PAF team.

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Advisory Opinion