PAF Launches Transportation Financial Aid Fund for Metastatic Melanoma and Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients

Thursday, April 30, 2015

HAMPTON, VA– Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is pleased to announce the launch the Transportation Financial Aid Fund, the newest program addition in their Financial Aid Fund division. The fund is designed to provide transportation relief for patients diagnosed with and in active treatment for either metastatic melanoma or metastatic lung cancer.

“Access to reliable transportation is often cited as a frequent healthcare barrier for patients in need of recurring treatment. Poor transportation access contributes to missed appointments and even delayed medication,” Dr. Alan Balch, CEO of Patient Advocate Foundation says. “In fact, PAF’s case management team found over 15% of our patients experienced transportation issues in 2014.”

According to the American Cancer Society, 2015 will show an average of 221,200 new cases of lung cancer and 73,000 melanoma diagnoses in the United States. The Transportation Financial Aid Fund seeks to provide relief for patients undergoing recurring IV-infused treatment nationwide and help relieve some of their transportation barriers.

“Of all of PAF’s patients who reported a transportation issue in 2014, almost half, 49% travelled more than 20 miles one way to their treatment provider,” Dr. Balch adds. “We are confident this resource will help provide relief to some our nation’s most vulnerable population.”

This new program joins the ranks of PAF’s current Financial Aid Funds offering targeted relief to specific designated patient populations. The program began accepting applications on May 1, 2015 for metastatic lung cancer and metastatic melanoma patients.

Approved patients will receive a one-time grant of $300 specifically to be used for transportation purposes as it applies to the patient’s current treatment. Patients interested in applying for the Transportation Financial Aid Fund may call (855) 824-7941 for more information or visit