Our Patients - Jim & Gail, Pennsylvania

To: The Patient Advocate Foundation,

A couple of months ago our Oncologist Office connected us with your foundation. Jim had just been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and we were overwhelmed with all of the initial testing and appointments as well as dealing with the emotional shock and impact of the disease. Adding to all that was the stress of finances and how to make ends meat with the ends meet with the added medical expenses and time off work for Dr. appointments. We are self employed farmers, so time off from work means no income for our family. The grant from your foundation has been such a blessing to us in helping keep up with these unexpected medical expenses. Thank for so much for your help. As Jim continues with treatment we are constantly reminded and humbled by the support of our family and friends, foundations such as yours, and the comfort of our Heavently Father who gives us strength and courage for each new day.

Jim & Gail