Our Patients - Larry, North Carolina

Dear PAF Staff,

Once again I am writing to thank you folks so much for accepting our application this year and awarding assistance to my dad for his co-pays related to his Remicade treatments. We definitely fall into the category, along with so many others, that are really struggling with finances these days. Although we are constantly trying to "tighten the belt," sometimes we almost run out of holes! Your assistance award is truly a gift to us that you cannot imagine how much is appreciated.

I wanted to also let you know how wonderful the more simplified form was to fill out this year. Even though I still had a couple of questions on the form, my communication with your Application Specialist, Mary Altomare, was handled with expediency and professionally, as usual. It is always a pleasure to have any form of contact with the PAF office as I have always felt you were eager to assist our needs.

I am enclosing a picture of my dad and me getting ready to leave for his most recent gastro treatment appointment. Thank you folks for helping to put those smiles on our faces and helping to ease our financial burden once again.

and family of Larry H