Our Patients - Mary, Pennsylvania

To: Patient Advocate Foundation

I don't know where to start, but I do know where I have a resting spot, and that place is your Foundation. Since April 19, 2008, when I suffered a permanent brain injury on my job as a GM for the PA Liquor Control Board, I subsequently lost my job as a result. I have been living on a limited income of workres' comp and a fraction of the retirement I would have received had I been able to continue to work. I was forced into taking early disability retirement. I have autoimmune diseases (Diabetes, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia) along with chronic pain. When I lost my job it became very difficult to make even the co-pays on my meds, which now run to at least $200 a month. A nurse, Tanya S., recommended several organizations that "might" be able to help. Co-Pay Relief was the only one that responded to my pleas. I have been a single mother of four since my marriage ended in 1993. I supported my family, ages 4-14, alone by working 2-3 jobs at a time, and through perseverance, I worked my way to becoming a General Manager of a multi-million dollar retail operation. I never asked anyone for help, even when we needed it desperately. I made it work with the grace of God. Now, I knew I needed help and no one was there, except for you. This will take a huge burdon off of me and has given me hope again, because frankly I was given up to despair. Now, my doctors and pharmacist have asked me for information about your program so they can pass it on to others in need.

I've only started with your program but my hope and trust is so high now that I know you will follow through with the help you offered. Just know that your work has wings of angels. My deepest thanks.


Mary D.