Our Patients - Mary Jane, Florida

From: Mary Jane P.

I want to thank the PAF Co-Pay Relief Fund. My husband and I just live on Social Security, and could not afford a better medicine to help me with my rheumatoid. Life was not fun. It was like being trapped in a body that was not working, plus getting my left knee drained every three months. Also I had no energy. I was pushing my body just to function, on everyday living. And living in a lot of pain. Now, thanks to the foundation, I feel like a bionic woman. I have my energy back, my knee does not need drained. I can do house work with ease, and I am not in any pain, which has made my blood pressure wonderful. Rheumatoid, is no longer preventing me from living my life, and enjoying it. Thank you again, for helping me with getting a better medicine.


Mary Jane P.