Our Patients - Roger, California

Dear Application Specialist:

I am writing to thank you for your $3,000.00 check to be applied to the co-pay of the prescription Votrient that I am currently taking for my Advanced Renal Carcinoma. I cannot thank you enough times to let you know how much this assistance helped my wife, Joanne and I, get through this difficult period in our lives. We worked with Jackie C., who was efficient, professional, and timely, in addition to a superb knowledge of your program.

Cancer is a life-changing event and we had certainly not expected a reoccurrence of this cancer after being in remission for in excess of 20 years. We live on a fixed income and my wife is disabled and is currently on Social Security Disability. The amount of money we had to pay for the initial prescription was most certainly not in our budget and we were not in a financial position to handle this tremendous financial burden. I want to fight for a longer life expectancy that I would not have had without taking the chemo prescribed by our Oncologist. Your Program has helped me to accomplish this objective.

Having cancer is a dreadful event in and of itself, but the amount of funds that were needed to receive the drug made the harm much worse. The tumor that I have is responding to the drug I am taking and I will soon be scheduled for surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor. Again, we are so grateful for the help and are most happy to write this letter to you to tell you how thankful we are. God bless your program.


Roger and Joanne P.